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Volodimyr Vorovka. Formation, development and the essence of the notion of “paradynamic landscape system” in the science of geography

Oleh Veklyn. Сategory of “natural resource potential” in the human geography

Hanna Mashika.  Мethodological bases of research of the economic potential of the Сarpathian region

Mykola Fedotikov,  Taras Yamelynets. Historical aspects and problems of soil cover structure

Oksana Hatalyak. Social and economic development in Volyn region as part of Poland in XVI-XVIII centuries

Zinovij Pankiv. The soil resources of Lviv region

Viktoriya Udovychenko. The forest-steppe complexes of landscape-typological structures of the left-bank Ukraine territory

Ihor Papish. Podzolic chernozems (faeozems) of Lviv region in the system of soil-geographical regionalization: geography and regional peculiarities

Vladislav Harbar. Substances composition of rendzinas of the Podilski Tovtry and processes its transformation

Serhiy Puhach, Darina Piatak. The human-geographical characteristics of forced migration from the Donetsk, Luhansk region and AR Crimea in the Volyn region

Olena Afonina, Irina Filonenko. The analysis of branch frame of a cultural-educational complex of the Chernigiv area

Hanna Lаmеkina. The socio-geographical features of the sphere of culture of the Dnepropetrovsk region

Viktor Grushko. Place of the central and eastern Europe in the new geopolitical realities, which are emerging

Dariya Svetlichnaya. Current state and perspectives of geoinformation technologies application for social and economic development of regions

Ilona Demianchuk. The medical and geographical analysis of current trends in main causes of infant mortality in the Ternopil region

Sergiy Zadvornyi. Factours of formation, operation and development of cultural and artistic sphere of Khmelnitskui region

Pavlo Kucher, Ivan Voloshyn. Geospatial distribution and characteristics of sacred buildings in Volyn region

Irina Ierko, Dmitro Melnyk. Еxploring the role of the fortification landscapes in the tourism area of the north-west economic region

Petro Tsaryk. Approaches to the evaluation and mapping of recreational water resources of Podillia

Taras Bezsmertniuk, Mykhailo Melniichuk. Regional landscape parks of Rivne region as potencial recreation objects

Irina Ierko, Alina Adamovych. Prospects for the development of gastronomic tourism in the Polissya district

Svitlana Novitska. Estimation of geological and geomorfological recreational resources of the Ternopil region

Andrij Yerko, Katerina Savych. The current state of the tourism infrastructure development in Volyn region

Natalia Hanych. Spatial and temporal aspects of hotel management Lviv region

Mykola Nazaruk, Bogdanna Senchyna, Ivan Sholok. Conservation of phytodiversity as a way to optimize social-ecosystem of Lviv

Vikror Grushka. Grouping areas and urban sociogeosystems of Dnepropetrovsk region by the natural environment (cluster analysis)

Roman Kulachkovskyy, Ivan Kruhlov. Viewshed geoecosystems of the Sian headwaters basin

Olena Mishchenko, Nataliya Papayevych. Anthropogenic destruction of landscapes in Sokal district, Lviv region

Lyubov Yankovs’ka. The potential of stability of the landscapes of Western Podillya to the anthropogenic influences

Iryna Strilets, Myroslava Petrovska. The assessment of the quality of the drinking water in the city of Lviv

Oksana Perkhach, Fedir Kiptach, Marija Syrotjuk. Ecological situation river’s basin Luga in the Volyn region

Iryna Poruchynska, Volodymyr Poruchynsky. Influence of ecology on demographic development of north-western economic district of Ukraine

Andrij Smaliychuk. Аccuracy assessment of digital elevation models using geomatics tools

Oksana Patychenko. Principle of local factors’ coefficients calculation in a normative monetary assessment of the settlement’s lands

Krystyna Hrytsai. Analysis of the economic dimension of sustainable development in the Lviv region

Olena Bakalo. Degree transformation and conversion landscapes within the river basin Dzhurin

Lyubomir Tsaryk, Irina Poznijak On the problem of gardening and the role of the functioning park complex in Ternopil urboehkosistem

Mykhailo Melnichuk, Valentyna Chabanchuk. Pine plantations of Rivne region

Bogdan Havryshok, Petrо Demyanchuk, Ivanna Salenko. Constructive and geographical analysis land use forestry Radivilov district of Rivne region

Ruslan Havrylianchyk, Lubov Kasiianyk. Spatial structure and conditions sustainable use of natural grasslands in the river basin Zbruch

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