Andrij YERKO, Katerina SAVYCH


One of the most important element of tourism industry functioning in any region is the level of development of tourism infrastructure. Article considered the approaches to definition of «tourism infrastructure» and its structure elements. Given a characterization natural-geographic, culture-historical, and social-economical factors, which influence a formation of tourism infrastructure of Volyn region. Investigated collective accommodation facilities of region: hotels and similar accommodation establishments (hotels, motels, campings, hostels for visitors and other places of temporary accommodation) and specialized accommodation facilities (sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation base and other recreation facilities). Characterized recreational facilities, including children; institutions of restaurant industry; retail establishments (shops and semi-stationary objects of trade). Considered networks of petrol station and banks (operating legally-independent commercial banks and off-balance departments, opened by institution of commercial banks). Article gave a characterization culture-leisure tourist infrastructure, which include theaters, philharmonics, museums, libraries, cinemas, clubs, and concert organization. Researched sport-touristic objects of tourism infrastructure, such as: sport schools and sport buildings. Analyzed a network of health care of Volyn region, which include healthcare facilities, medical outpatient clinical facilities, paramedic-midwife stations, Emergency Medical Services. Summarized information about transport tourism infrastructure, such as: custom stations in Volyn region; railway, aviation and motor transports; roads conditions (of national, local and communal value); noted lines of communication, which are most important for development of tourism infrastructure in Volyn region.

Keywords: tourism infrastructure, Volyn region, tourism.


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