Irina IERKO, Dmitro MELNYK


Article considered the question of research and preservation of fortification landscapes of North-West economic region. It is problematically to determine the exact number of fortification landscapes on Volyn and Rivne regions because almost no one researched such a question on these territory. The research of fortification resource is a complex phenomenon. Firstly, main couse of this type of landscape is military activity. The object of study are defenses, which partly or totally were destroyed during military activities. Secondly, the first armed conflict on territory of Northwest region were the days of Kievan Rus’ and later Galicia-Volyn principality. Under the weight of time and natural phenomenons the fortification landscapes significantly changed and subjected to destruction. Also make it difficult to research a number of socio-economic factors such as: economic, legal, politically-ideological. A problem of studying and involvement of these complexes into the tourism industry is actual because with every year number of these objects decreases. For possible use of these objects in tourism, experts should promptly conduct a study and develop a new strategy for their use. Already were characterized main complexes of military origin, which are used or potentially can be used in tourism of economic region and have great historical and culture value, specifically: ancient fortified settlement (Kamin’-Kashirskiy, Korshiv,Vetliv «Fosiya», Turiysk, Peresopnytsia, Novomilsk, Hlynsk); fortresses and castles (Dubno, Ostrog, Westminster castles, Tarakaniv fort); bunkers and other fortified points; mounds ( the largest found on territory of Kiverts, Kamin’-Kashirskiy, Mlyniv regions). A number of actions were proposed to improve uses of fortification landscapes in tourism, specifically: creating the appropriate classification standards, development of legal framework, which protect them from the negative human impact and planning of new tourism routes.

Key words: fortification landscape, North-West economic region, tourism.


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