The main types of recreational resources of surface waters skirts. An assessment model and established cartographic length and density of the shoreline of rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Recreational surface water resources are presented skirts rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, which are suitable for recreation throughout its length, or partially. They form the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, creating a favorable microclimate, promote the development of water sports recreation, sport fishing, beach bathing, recreation, etc. The main types of recreational activities on waters skirts is swimming and sunbathing, fishing, recreation on the coast, boating, rafting. Favourable for these purposes period begins in almost all aquatic area in early June and ends in late August. For water-sports recreational favorable period lasts from April to October. Estimated and mapped existing hydrological protected objects (reserves, natural monuments, etc.). Revealed the ecological condition of the water main rivers skirts according to the environmental departments of regional administrations. A total point score the attractiveness of recreational resources of surface waters skirts. Combined analysis of water and recreational zoning skirts that showed 3 area (Zahidnopodilsky, Pivnichnopodilsky, Pivnichnozahidnopodniprovsky) were highly appreciated, District 2 received poorer assessment (malopolesskie-Kremenetskiy and Pridnistrovskoskhidnopodilsky), the remaining 6 districts received a mediocre rating. In general it can be argued that water recreational resources skirts are generally favorable for the development of various kinds of recreation and tourism, especially beach-bathing vacation, alloys major rivers (Dniester, Southern Bug, etc.), sport fishing. The main disadvantages of water-recreation potential skirts is poor ecological state of water in most rivers and reservoirs, low water content a large part of watercourses, often zagromozhdennnoe state coastline, low level of resettlement places for water sports and recreation facilities and the like.

Keywords: recreational resources, surface water, skirts, cartographic model, evaluation.


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