Pavlo SHTOYKO. {Traditionalism and innovations in geography} 4-8

Mikola NAZARUK, Yuriy ZHUK. {Algorithm of the socio-environmental studies of small cities} 8-15

Anatoliy HUDZEVICH. {Problems of ecology, nature management and balanced development of geography} 15-20

Bohdan HAVRYSHOK, Mykhailo POTOKIY. {The cartographic method in retrospect and geographical studies of nature use (based on the example of Podilski Tovtry within Ternopil region)} 20-29

Vasil OLIJNYK, Natalia BELOVA, Natalia YOSYPOVA. {The features of soils water permeability of agricultural landscapes of Pre-carpathians and Carpathians} 30-35

Mykola PRYKHODKO. {Causes, effects and ways to combat climate change} 35-43

Vira BALABUKH. {Regional features of global climate change in the Ternopil region and possible changes to the middle of ХХІ century} 43-54

Svetlana CRACOWSKA, Natalia HNATIUK, Tatiana SHPITAL. {Possible scenarios of climatic conditions in the Ternopil region in the ХХІ century} 55-67

Volodymyr BILANYUK, Eugen IVANOV, Eugen TYKHANOVYCH, Vitaliy KLYUINYK. {The avalanche nature territorial complexes functioning} 68-76

Svitlana GRISHKO. {Landscape structure of Altagir forest} 76-84

Myroslav SYVYJ. {Zoning of the territory of Ukraine by mineral resources} 85-100

Vasyl STETSKYI. {Socio-geographical approaches studies the formation and development of regional education systems} 100-106

Andriy ZUBYK. {Modern labour migration ukrainian population to Poland} 107-113

Іlona DEMIANCHUK. {Description of geospatial morbidity and mortality of Ternopil region} 113-123

Serhij ZADVORNYJ. {The main directions of human geography research of the cultural and artistic area of the region} 123-131

Tatiana KARPА. {Geography of electoral systems} 131-138

Petro TSARYK, Lyubomir TSARYK. {About functional planning network elements of regional tourism and recreational system} 139-145

Olena MISCHENKO. {Recreation area capacity of Shatskyi national nature park} 145-151

Lubov ALTHAIM. {Educate aspect in organization of excursion services, his purpose and task, conformities to law and methods of realization} 152-157

Svitlana NOVYTSKA. {Ecological tourism opportunities in the perspective RLP “Malopolesky”} 157-161

Ivan RUDAKEWYCH. {Modern trends in the development of tourism infrastructure in Ternopil} 162-167

Oksana SEMERYAGA. {Classification and using in tourism military landscapes} 168-175

Ivan KOVALCHUK. {Geoinformational atlas mapping lake-basin systems} 176-182

Yuriy SHEVTCHUK, Andrij NUCOLAEV, Anton SHEVTCHUK. {The quality of drinking water of no centralized water supply in Chernivtsi} 182-187

Igor CHEBOLDA. {Problems of ecological safety of geosystems and the regional system of environment operative (crisis) monitoring (on the basis of Ternopil region)} 188-192

Serhij POLYANSKY. {Structural and geographical zoning of the condition of meliorated soils of Volyn region} 192-200

Maryana GINZULA. {Typification administrative districts by index the anthropogenic loads of Ternopil region} 200-204

Lyubomir TSARYK. {Leadership role network approach at the present stage optimization conservation areas} 205-210

Petro SUKHУI, Maria-Tatiana ATAMANJUK. {Territorial differentiation of agricultural land use natural areas Precarpathian} 210-216

Zinovij PANKIV. {The current state of the residential land use in the Carpathians region of Ukraine} 216-223

Tatiana PAVLOVSKA. {Geoecological diagnostics of territorial structure of land-tenure in the Volyn region} 223-231

Irina NETROBCHUK. {The analysis of wood using by state enterprise of “Mliniv forestry” in Rivne region} 232-241

Volodymyr KHUDOBA. {The structurally-geographical principles of the optimization of the regional landscape park “Zarvanickiy”} 241-250