State enterprise of “Mliniv forestry” is located in the south-west part of Rivne region. It was set in 1993. It includes four forestries: Vovkovii, Dublyany, Ostrozhes, Mliniv. The total area of the forest fund is 12,9 thousand hectares. Among them 8935 hectares are state forests. In the forestry the favourable natural factors for planting and growing trees and for forest activity have been formed. They are fertile soils, climate, composition of arboreal breeds and others. Forests of the first group, intended for recreational purposes, occupy 7,3 % of the total forest fund. The operating and protective forests of the second group occupy 92,7 % of the forest fund. The prevailing types are damp (52,1 %) and hornbeam forests (37,2 %). Specific gravity of the forest lands is 98,0 %, it certifies it’s effective use. Hardwoods prevail in a forest fund. According to the age are medium (68,8 %) and young growth (12,2 %) trees. The basic breeds planting is characterized by І-ІІ class bonitet. The average rate of the forest usage of 1 hectare, covered by forest plants, is 1,94 m3. The operating forest fund is 500,6 hectares with a barrel supply 118,78 thousand m3. The approved calculation of cutting area of main use is 6,1 thousand m3 of liquid wood. For the improvement of the sanitary state of forest all-round and selective sanitary cutting is conducted. Renewing of the forests with the rational purpose use is conducted by natural and artificial methods. The preserving of the forests is carried out by the continuously production process – forest planting. There are temporal nurseries, plantations for growing seedlings, decorative, fruit trees and new-year trees. They satisfy the demand in planting products for creation of forest crops and replace underproductive, degraded areas belonging to village council, unsuitable for agriculture.

Keywords: forest, forestry, wood using, forest fund, cutting, renewing, revival, preserving.


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