In the article highlights the current issues of human geography research of the cultural and artistic area of the region. The essence of social phenomena such as culture and the arts and their role in regional socio-economic development have been considered. Analyzed the modern legal framework of Ukraine in the area of culture and art. Conducted a retrospective review of the human geography research of spiritual and material culture. From the standpoint of a systematic approach defines the notion of “cultural and artistic area of the region”. Based on the Classification of Economic Activities presented component structure of the industry and given modern dynamic and promising its subsectors. Considering the features of the geospatial organization of culture and art of the region highlighted its territorial systems such as: elementary, basic, bush (intradistrict), urban (intradistrict), district, neighborhoods (interdistrict), urban (intraregional), regional. Accentuated attention on the importance of creative relations between territorial public entities. Limiting the primary form of geospatial organization stands researched cultural institution the vast majority of these cultural institutions are clubs. Basic network of cultural and artistic areas include libraries, museums, galleries, archives, circuses, cultural centers, reserve, exhibition halls, theatres, philharmonics, concert organizations, art collectives, studios, theatres, clubs, schools of art and culture, aesthetic schools and studios, parks and recreation. The combination of these institutions in the region forms the cultural and artistic points, centers, bushes, units. Presented the basic problems and promising directions for further human geography research area.

Key words: cultural and artistic area, region, geospatial organization, research, public service, territorial system, creative relations, institution.


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