Myroslav SYVYJ.


Zoning of the territory of Ukraine by mineral resources potential based on the analysis of current state of mineral resource basis was made. Economic-geographical regionalization was put into the basis of zoning. The new approach to some of the basic terms of mining regionalization of mineral resources interpretation was proposed.  Four mining zones: Prydniprovsk-Pryazov, East-Ukrainian, Donetsk-Slovyansk and Prycarpathian allocated in the territorial structure of the mineral resources of Ukraine. Each of the areas structure was characterized in detail. Mining macroregions, areas, units and centers were allocated in their composition. Individual territories mineral resource specialization specificity was filed. So, for example, Prydniprovsk-Pryazov polycomponent zone extends along the right bank of the Dnieper until Azov coast and is situated within the boundaries of the Ukrainian shield, which determined the specifics of mineral deposits that are explored there. The area is to be considered the ore one due to the prevalence and significance of the last. It is characterized by a combination of many kinds of raw materials which are among the leading iron ore and manganese deposits which are of inter-State importance and take first places for the degree of industrial development. Important place in the component band structure belongs to the brown coal deposits, rare and nonferrous metals, graphite, kaolin, building materials, etc. Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol-Tokmakovsk, Zvenygorod-Dnipropetrovsk macroregions and Pryazov district are allocated in the Prydniprovsk -Pryazov area. The following is the description of each of the selected structures.  Remaining mining areas and also territorial associations that are not included in the zones, because of its several separate provisions, are characterized by the same scheme.

Keywords: mineral resources, economic and geographic regionalization, mining territory, deposits, mining sites, areas, macroregions, centers.


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