This article deals with accuracy assessment of digital elevation models (DEM) built using topographic maps and other ones based on SRTM data. In our study we tested the accuracy of three DEMs in comparison with DEM created by digitized data from 1:50 000 paper topographic map, which using ground truth data was chosen as reference DEM. To our knowledge it was a first research which tackles DEM accuracy assessment within Ukraine using multi-scale topographic maps and SRTM DEM with spatial resolution of 90 and 30m as input data. This investigation was performed within two model areas of ca. 20 thousand of ha each which situated in low-mountain and plain regions of Ukraine. We calculated height deviation of three analyzed DEMs across three land cover and three slope classes. it was found that SRTM DEMs had higher accuracy within open (without forest cover) land and on hilly terrain, while DEM based on topographic map performed better on forested land, within water bodies and on the places with flat topography. Among the different land cover the best result all three DEMs showed for water bodies. Also we revealed that across three analyzed types of land cover and slope categories two SRTM DEMs showed similar accuracy with a bit better values for DEM with 30 m resolution.

Key words: digital elevation model, SRTM, topography, land cover, topographic maps.


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