The paper touches upon the issue of the factors of formation, operation and development of cultural and artistic sphere of Khmelnitskyi region. The influence of the study of social and geographical factors on the functional component, organizational management, functional and territorial structure of the sphere of culture and art of the region is shown. This paper presents a review of author’s vision on classification of factors of different features: environment of the action, the nature of the action, in essence, in terms of impact, time of the action, the result of influence. Determining of the main parameters of influence general and regional groups of factors for cultural and artistic sphere of regional area was conducted. The  group of common  factors formed by: regulatory and legislative which determine the state cultural policy and legal principles of the operation field; political and cultural form general features of the political and cultural landscape; globalization and internationalization promote global integration of cultural and artistic life; double gravity causes the dual nature of culture. The group of regional factors include: historical and geographical factors which enabled the analysis of nine periods have seen the development of culture and art of the region; natural and geographical factors are not significant, but generally favorable; demographic factors determine key benchmarks functining of  areas and include natural and mechanical movement of population, its age, sex, ethnic, linguistic, religious and professional structure; territorial identity of population it is integral factor of geo-cultural space of area; social and economic factors determine the possibility of the operation and development of culture and art in view of the quality of life and industrial development and supporting infrastructure; cultural and artistic potential of the territory it is the basic foundation of functional and territorial structure of the cultural and artistic sphere. The results of the SWOT-analysis of factors external and internal environment of formation and functioning of cultural and artistic sphere of Khmelnitskyi region indicate that their impact is generally favorable and productive. The result of the action of the different factors is the forming of cultural attitudes of the territory and population characteristics of regional geo-cultural space of Khmelnitskyi region.

Keywords: factor, cultural and artistic sphere, region, geo-cultural space, territorial identity.


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