In conditions of development of information company the role of a cultural – educational complex is connected with satisfaction of permanently increasing social needs(requirements) of mankind, the level of satisfaction determines which one a quality of life each separately of taken person, social group and company as a whole. The sanction of a problem of territorial disproportions in granting of cultural – educational services demands the special attention. The purpose of activity guesses the branch analysis of a cultural – educational complex on an example of the Chernigov area. In the article the basic constituents of a cultural – educational complex of the Chernigov area – educational and cultural subsystem are reviewed. The educational subsystem includes set(combination) of establishments, entities, firms, organizations, which one execute effecting, distribution, preservation and organization of consumption of services of educational assigning. The network(grid) of educational establishments of the Chernigov area includes 1076 units (by the beginning of 2014). For the investigated(studied) season(term) there was a considerable reduction(abbreviation) of a network(grid) of educational institutions of the different forms(shapes) and phylums, that is conditioned by dip of demand on services of formation in a consequent of reduction(decreasing) of quantity of the main(basic) customers. Such tendency is not characteristic for establishments of preschool formation, where there is a gradual increase of quantity of the pupils. The territorial differences in development of educational establishments are established within the limits of administrative regions of the Chernigov area. The characteristic of the cultural subsystem is offered, which one represents set(combination) of the subjects of managing by a main purpose of their activity is the granting of services of cultural prevalue. The outcomes of the analysis fix considerable narrowing of a network(grid) of libraries, establishments of a club type and demonstrators of films. The increase of quantity of museums is explained to those, what is it multifunction institute playing a key role in a cultural and ideological life of modern society.

Key words: cultural – educational complex, educational subsystem, cultural subsystem.


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