Valentina OSTAPCHUK.


The research is devoted to the modern features of the dynamics and geography of sports hiking trips in Ukraine. By analyzing the dynamics of sports hiking trips conducted over the last twelve years, the current state and problems of the development of sports tourism in Ukraine are determined. Trace the peculiarities of the dynamics of the number of categorical and step-by-step sports hikes, considered and included from certain types of sports tourism, first of all, pedestrian.  Based on the reports of regional sports tourism federations and the results of the annual Ukrainian Championships of sports tourism campaigns, the peculiarities of the geography of sporting hiking trips in the world and in the context of the main tourist regions of Ukraine are analyzed. On the basis of the revealed statistical laws, factors and problems of the development of sports tourism in Ukraine and their features at the present stage are analyzed. Such a statistical analysis is carried out for the first time, which determines the main scientific novelty of the study. Quantitative indicators and type structure that characterized the development of sports tourism, showed positive dynamics and allow to think that the decay of the 1990’s – early 2000’s to some extent overcome. Positive trends in the development of some types of tourism have become a result of the hard work of enthusiasts of tourism and the restoration of regular methodological and organizational work. However, since 2012, there have been some negative trends, which are largely due to socio-economic factors. 2014 has become extremely unfavorable for sports events for a number of reasons, the main ones being the annexation of the Crimea and the military aggression of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, after 2014, negative trends continued.

Key words: categorical and step-by-step hikes, kinds of sports tourism.


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