Yavorivskyi area has a population growth in spite of the total regional and national trend of depopulation since the early 1990s. Population grows due to natural increase, mostly in urban areas, that occurs due to a high birth rate and lower mortality than in other areas of Lviv region. The urban population is growing, as there is a quite favorable age and sex structure, but the socio-economic and political factors negatively affect the processes of natural reproduction. The age structure in Yavoriv district more balanced, the level of demographic aging is lower, the demographic state of health is better than elsewhere in the Lviv region. The gender structure is dominated by males, which is generally not representative for Ukraine and other European countries, this leads to migration loss of the female population of working age. Stable migration outflow of rural population in Yavoriv district is observed, which is currently the determining factor in the depopulation and narrowing of demographic potential in rural areas. Residents of the area involved in circular migration main vector of which is aimed at a regional center, but the number of frondeurs, that are working in neighboring Poland is growing. Yavoriv district is characterized by high population density. The structure of rural settlement is dominated by the small and medium-sized village. Favorable demographics and convenient geographical location of many settlements near the Ukrainian-Polish border and within the suburbs of Lviv is an important factor in the development of Yavoriv district, which also has quite developed industrial and communication infrastructure. All this should be taken into account when developing plans and particular projects for regional development.

Keywords: population, demographic situation, the number of population, natural reproduction, population structure, settlement.


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