In modern conditions of Ukraine’s integration into the European and world economy, the need for more highly developed transport system increases, it becomes the basis for the effective integration of the country into the world community and occupying a location that corresponds to the highly developed state. An important factor in the economic development of Ukraine is the use of its advantages of transport and geographical position as a transit area. Providing the movement of people and goods transport, including rail, makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic, scientific-technical, cultural, domestic and international bonds, therefore improving the territorial organization of transport is of great social and economic importance, and requires thorough social -heohrafichnoho study. The need for Ukraine in the highly developed transport system is increasingly growing, because it is the basis for effective integration of the country into European and world community and occupying a location that corresponds to the highly developed state. In article the algorithm of researches of railway transport of Ukraine at the state level; the features of the development, the analysis of the territorial structure and regional differences of railway transport of Ukraine. Currently, there are 21619,4 km Railways, of which 47% is electrified (10242,2 km) 144047 units of rolling stock. The analysis of indicators of freight and passenger traffic showed that the level of freight Railways of Ukraine decreased by 8.2% to 457454,5 thousand tons. For factor mobility and the volume of passenger traffic lead the Kiev region (191 trip 92.8 million persons) and vysokoobrazovannym region (30-35 travel 30-40 million persons). Found that most regions of Ukraine, except Volyn, Rivne, Chernihiv and Mykolaiv regions, characterized by well-developed railway network, medium, and high indicators of volumes of cargo and passengers, a significant mobility of residents. It is noted that the compactness of the territory, favorable natural and geographical conditions, the considerable potential of transit, high transport accessibility of all regions, the availability of international transport corridors are the main factors that determine the successful development of rail transport in Ukraine.

Key words: transport, transport system, railway transport, transportation hubs, international transport corridors, freight and passenger transportation.


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