Viktoriya YAVORSKA.


Traditionally, the main focus ofresearch of territorial organization ofpopulationin our countryremainsthe concept ofterritorialsettling systems,tightlylinkedto the presentadministrative-territorial structure. In the context ofnational regional policyitshould be transferredto a new level–regional, which significantly differsbythe currentEuropean norms fromregional (plus AR Crimea)division.Future regionsshould be allocatedon an objectivehistorical andgeographical, geneticbasis.In thearticle theactual problem is –to emphises attentionofgeographers togenetictaxonomy of settlingthatsignificantlydeepenand specifiesthe theory andmethodologyof modernekistics. Currently, thesystem of settlingof various ranksis setmainly by administrative-territorialboundaries,they “set”, and targetedinstructionofstudy istheircomparativecharacterization. Method for determinationofsettling systemsappearsunnecessary.Notattention of researchersremainsgenesis of settling systems,their formationand development,selectionofthe mostresettlingon genetic, historical and geographicalbasis. Genesis of settling covers the time of the initial settling and economic development of the territory, with all the following changes and transformation. This is one of the main varieties of social and geographical processes that has its own dynamics, trends, its demographic and socio-economic “trajectory.” Genetic taxonomy should comprehensively consider the whole set of historical and geographical conditions and factors of settling, on the one hand, and the characteristics of the process of settling with its dynamics, transformation and change – on the other. As will be shown below, this is a very difficult task that requires in-depth methodological and methodical development.

Key words: taxonomy of settling, historical-geographical approach, genetic approach, ekistics, population.


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