Viktor Grushka.


Dnipropetrovsk region refers to one of the old industrial regions of Ukraine. Their main feature is the capacity formed over a long period of strong production, which until the collapse of the Soviet Union has been closely cooperating on a national scale and determined a leading position in its regional economic complex. The region, that has generated for decades a strong work force, could not provide for his work: the rapidly growing unemployment and, as a result the social problems dramatically began to increase. All this took place against the background of a very difficult and unfavorable geo-ecological situation. For investigation  the geo-ecological situation in Dnipropetrovsk region  the graphic-analytical method was chosen, that allows to classify by level of development  and city and regional social geosystems. It is based on the idea of a multidimensional feature space projection onto a plane in the form of leaves diaphragm. Each social geosystem reflected as a polygon sizes and shapes which are quantitative characteristic. In this method the classification criteria and system indicator for the development of the comparative analysis is the area of a polygon on the leaves diaphragm. Applied information analysis in the investigation for changes due to the  information entropy as a function statement of social geosystems and measures of organization, regularity, diversity, structuring, etc. Information entropy may have a different interpretation in relation to the evolution of social geosystems. In the one hand, it is a positive indicator and indirectly characterizes social geosystem evolutionary potential that depends on the ratio of deterministic and random connections therein. On the other – well organized and ordered social geosystems have lower entropy, very effectively operate in a narrow range of changes in the external environment (they are dominated by deterministic communication), but have a much smaller capacity evolution, less adaptable and often lose out in competition. According to the analysis of the system dynamics of development indicators (polygon area by the graphical-analytical method and information entropy) holds the classification of urban social geosystems. Positive indicators are the city of Manganese, Novomoskovsk, Sinelnikovo, negative  are  Volnogorsk, Yellow Waters, Krivoy Rog. Other cities occupy an intermediate position in the classification. A similar classification of social geosystem district showed that the positive dynamics is characteristic for areas such as Verkhnedneprovsky, Pavlograd, Solonyansky, Sophia; negative – for such as Apostolovo, Nikopol, Novomoskovsk, Shirokovskii.

Keywords: social geosystems, natural environment, geoecological situation, multi-dimensional feature space, information entropy, the polygon area.


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