Vasyl FESYUK, Iryna MOROZ.


The priorities of socio-economic development of Lutsk provided by the General Plan are analyzed. It”s found that, in comparison with the previous one, the new General Plan contains a lot of material on important aspects of environmental development. The issue of increasing the green areas per capita, deficit of spatial resources,creating of new and ordering of  existing objects of natural reserve are explored. The main areas of environmental and urban planning of the territory, including complex engineering are planning activities aimed at improving the all city  ecosystems and living conditions are considered. I’s established that the most important among them are: territorial organization and planning of the city with all the lanning restrictions, passing out of the city and residential development of environmentally hazardous facilities, the organization of sanitary protection zones of all operating companies in the city, the introduction of environmentally oriented energy saving modern processes for major polluters, implementing complex organizational measures to improve the air quality of the city: an inventory of all emission sources and setting up monitoring (continuous operation of existing stations and observation points) air quality and the environment in the city as a whole; development plans for environmental protection and determination limits of nature that limit adverse effects of production process emissions on the environment of the city. The question of forming the balance of the territory, since the spatial resource obtained to date in the first place for future urban development is especcially considered in details. The land of village council which become the area of Lutsk are determined.The tendencies in the distribution of land according to their major categories compared to the existing condition are analyzed.

Key words: General Plan of city, aspects of environmental development of city, measures of improvement of the ecological state of city.


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