Discussed the current trends in international tourism industry under the influence of globalization and integration. Analized the influence of tourism on the international economic system and determined that the level of tourism demand and supply has significant influence several factors, including public policy, economic and financial development of the country, social and demographic change, the development of information technology. Studied the geographic structure of international tourism and factors of international tourist flows.  Identified the global world trends in tourism, such as the increasing in tourist flows, increasing demands for quality tourism services and changes in direction of travel services, increasing the diversity of tourism products and their diversification, using of modern information technologies in the tourism industry. Analized the process of globalization, internationalization and competitiveness in the international tourism market. It is proved that, increased competition in the tourist offer is one of the major trends of world tourism, the main prerequisites of which have access to the global tourism market countries with ambitious expansionary plans to attract tourists and achieve peak saturation consumers some forms and types of tourism that offer popular tourist destinations. Allocated the highlight priority areas for tourism development in the world, including: therapeutic, sightseeing, sports, religious, educational, business, exotic, event, culinary, cruise, beach, environmental and others. Done comprehensive and thorough analysis of the main vectors of the global tourism business in the modern world.

Keywords: international tourism, globalization, competitiveness, tourist flows, tourism supply and demand, tourist services.


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