The article considers the development stage of urbanization in Ukraine, which consistently pass each other. In the first stage (in Ukraine lasted up to 18 in., And has been associated with the development of crafts and trade), the city served primarily defensive role, and providing urban settlements Magdeburg law was an important factor in the development of local government, culture and education. The second stage (18-19 cс.) Was characterized by the transformation of small towns in the village, and more – by the city; a significant role in the development of large cities in this period were the construction of factories, the development of the transport system. The third cycle (early 80s. XX century.) Associated with the expansion of the functions of cities, turning them into significant social and economic centers; the main feature of this stage is to expand the territory of the suburbs as a result of the urbanization of rural areas (suburbanization). In the present period (fourth stage) occurs hypertrophied development of large cities and the decline of many towns, increasing inequality in the development of urban settlements. The features of the last stage of urban processes associated with globalization. The role of cities in the further improvement of the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine, the creation of new centers of settlement systems, activation of the socio-economic development of regions. The new (future) urban stage of the process – the transition lo innovative urban development.

Key words: geographical urbanism, urbanization, suburbanization, urban settlements, administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine.


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