In Ukraine is the first stage of administrative-territorial reform, manifested in the formation of the capacity of local communities. These communities should lead to significant changes in the socio-economic development of settlements in the life of the population. It is therefore important to analyze the current settlement network, to identify localities that have served as centers of communities. These centers in rural areas must be all urban settlements and large villages. The article discusses the features of the development of urban settlements in rural regions as the centers capable of territorial communities. The analysis of the transformation functions of cities and towns in the process of changing social relations, the directions of socio-economic development of centers of local communities in the Ternopil region. The article shows the direction of improving the socio-economic situation in the agricultural region, in particular the possibility of activating the social sphere; highlighted promising service industry. The article considers the sphere of recreation and tourism as the most promising branches in the sphere of services. The study also focuses on industry, which is an important factor in the development of settlements. In modern conditions of transition of the economy to market relations, the restructuring of industry is a weighty place in the social and economic development of small towns and urban-type settlements. It has its own peculiarities in small towns. They are connected with the fact that these settlements, having favorable transport conditions, water resources, reserve areas for construction, a certain material base of social infrastructure will require less expenditure in resource development than large cities.

Keywords: functional structure, urban settlements, the economic base of the cities, the center of a territorial community.


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