Serhiy PUHACH, Darina PIATAK


In the article the basic indexes of natural motion and migrations of population of the Volyn region in 2014 are investigated. The territorial features of distribution of indexes of natural increase (decrease) of population and balance of migrations are analysed on the whole on an area and in the cut of administrative districts and cities of regional submission. The Volyn region is characterized by favourable demographic situation in Ukraine. There is a growth in the total population in region since 2009. In 2014 the population of region grew both as a result of natural increase (+0.9 ‰) and positive balance of migrations (+0.6 ‰). Population growth in the Volyn region of 57% is formed by natural increase and by 43% – is exceeding of entrance above departure. The modern increase of population of the Volyn region is formed mainly in town settlements. The population growth took place in the cities of regional submission Lutsk, Volodymyr-Volynsky, Kovel and in Ratne, Kamin-Kashyrskiy, Lyubeshiv, Turiysk, Lutsk, Kivertsi districts. Reduction of total population is observed in Shatsk, Lyuboml, Stara Vyzhivka, Kovel, Rozhyshche, Menevychi, Volodymyr-Volynsky, Ivanychi, Lokachi, Gorokhiv districts and Novovolynsk city. In 2014 on territory of the Volyn region there are three types and nine subtypes of geodemographic processes: ascending type with 4 subtypes (9 territorial units); stagnation type with 1 subtypes (1 territorial unit); descending type with 4 subtypes (10 territorial units). During the last 5 years geodemographic situation in region had substantial change. The quantity of subtypes of geodemographic processes grew, part of territorial units passed from a descending to the ascending type geodemographic process.

Key words: natural increase (decrease) of population, migration, balance of migrations, geodemographic situation, geodemographic process.


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