Purpose. For Ukraine, the optimization of water use is particularly relevant because the level of providing our population with water resources is around seven times less than the world average. Data & Methods. As part of the National Action Plan on the environment developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the basic principles (strategy) of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine till 2020”, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 21 December 2010, are being taken steps to stabilize and improve the environment in Ukraine through the implementation of integrated approaches to water management by the basin principles, including the work of basin councils, raising public environmental awareness and ecological security, ensuring sustainable use of water resources.  Finding. One of the main components of the resources of the planet, which is needed for human development, is water. The scarcity of water necessitates the complex management of it is use. To resolve this issue it is important to keep detailed record of water supplies of specific regions and to carry out the scientific study of water balance. Regarding our region of research it should be noted that the Chernigov region, which is located within the basin of the rivers Dnieper and Desna takes one of the first places in Ukraine by reserves of groundwater and surface water. The whole area of the Chernihiv region in terms of hydrogeology is within the Dnieper artesian basin. Fresh underground waters are confined to the sediments of Quaternary, Neogene, Paleogene, Upper- and Inferior. All Groundwater aquifers are of national importance. The Chernihiv region has sufficient groundwater resources. The projected resources of groundwater of the Chernihiv region according to the State Geological Service of Ukraine are 3.038 km3 / year (about 15% of the total amount of groundwater Ukraine). The exploitation on reserves of underground water are 188.0 million m3. Results. Saving water resources of the Chernihiv region, ensuring the sustainable use of water requires a wide range of activities. These include: the technological upgrading of the production, the reconstruction and renovation of sewage treatment plants, reducing the levels of production specific water-retaining in various sectors of the region, economy the problem of transboundary pollution. In the region must be ensured the implementation of all international obligations of Ukraine in the field of water contained in the relevant documents signed by our country.

Keywords: water use, Chernigov region, population.


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