This article provides a brief description of Dzhurin Basin, which flows through the Ternopil region territory. Materials for publication was compiled using statistical reports of governmental regional administration. Within a river basin was analyzed the structure of land use for the extent of its balance. To compile a detailed analysis was reviewed state land within the boundaries of Chortkiv and Zalischyki areas, including dedicated to river basin Dzhurin local areas. The analysis also identified geoenvironmental problems associated with a high degree of agricultural development areas (plowing, meadows and a large part of the built-up land in the vicinity of settlements), a small amount of forest plantations and the lack of water protection zones allocated in some areas. Another reason of such situation in the area is low ecological culture of the population which leads to clogging at shoreline waste, garbage dump, disorganized rest on the river banks. The degree of balance is only one of the considered rural pleased approaching the norm in the rest of the structure of land is defined as unsatisfactory. The analysis was recommended to erosion and low productivity of the land take by meadows and forests, proposed a system of measures to restore the balance of land use in the river basin Dzhurin.

Keywords: river valley, river system, river Dzhuryn, environmental condition of land use, land structure, arable land.


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