Considered protected areas and objects in the forests of two state forestry “Berezhanskaya forest hunting economy” and “Buchatsky Forestry”, which are confined to the East opolskim landscapes. Established their dominance over the amount of functional structure and employment areas in Buceatchi forestry. It is proved that most quantitative composition (76%) of protected objects are natural monuments, while 56% of protected areas remains with the reserve. Posted in-depth analysis of geographic confinement 103 protected areas, their affiliation forestry, forest quarters and mark. The place reserved in forestry in the structural elements of the regional ecological network. Suggested the creation of a number of regional landscape parks, conservation areas which would serve as the core areas of ecological network. Opole ekokorridor considered that runs the territory studied forestry. Suggested the creation of protected areas in Berezhanskaya forest hunting facilities for full representation of biotic and landscape diversity and high ekokorridor wilderness protection.

Keywords: forestry, protected areas and objects Eastern Opole, key areas, ekokorridor.


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