The basin of the river Vereshchytsia is an interesting object of research because of the characteristics of its geographical position in the presence of areas with varying intensity of human activity. The basin of the river Vereshchytsia is described in the article in terms of its settlement and other anthropogenic pressures. The basic types of anthropogenic pressures – settlement, agricultural, ameliorative, transportation, military and their consequences within the studied basin are analyzed. The study showed that over the past decade kinds of human activity have changed. The biggest transformation of natural systems is due to a sharp increase in the area of residential development and improvement of accomplishment settlements. The traditional agriculture is changing to agribusiness specializing in growing and processing of fruit crops. The zoning of the basin considering the predominant types of anthropogenic pressures is made. Three regions are allocated in the article: East Central – with high anthropogenic pressure, with a predominance of settlement, transport and logistics-storage impacts; South, characterized by a medium level of anthropogenic pressures with a predominance of agricultural, industrial and settlement pressures; North – with a relatively low anthropogenic pressure, with the growing influence of military of Yavoriv firing range. The conclusion has made about the prevailing character of settlement pressure among other types of human pressures. The boundaries of the selected areas with different levels of anthropogenic pressures may vary due to a sharp increase of military activity in Yavoriv firing range.

Keywords: basin of the river Vereshchytsia, the anthropogenic pressure, the transformation of natural systems.


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