Natilia LISOVA.


The article is devoted to the question of the impact of military actions in Ukraine on the ecological state of the country. First of all, the war is directed against the biosphere – man and nature, and therefore it is a large-scale anti-ecological action. The nature during military operations is destroyed or damaged, got worse or caused unbearable natural conditions of life of the local population, lost natural resources. In the article the results of the research of the International Charitable Organization “Ecology – Law – Man” and the East Ukrainian Ecological Institute are analyzed. The attention is accentuated on the flooding of mines and the exit of mine water on the surface, penetration into them underground water, destruction of treatment facilities. There are significant soil contaminations with strontium, titanium, vanadium and cadmium in the ATO zone. There is a decrease in air quality. The content of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon oxides is analyzed. The proportion of these gases in the air significantly increased immediately after firing, and then the gas did not dissipate. If the concentration of these gases in the air is high, the acid rain will fall.  And when they have a contact with the body, the acids will form. That can damage the capillaries and the epithelium in the respiratory and etching organs. The particular attention is drawn to the increase of the level of fire danger and the area covered by the fire in the ATO zone. A significant number of fires has arisen in a few forest regions, most of all were on the outskirts of the cities of Shchastia and Slavianozerbsk. It is indicated on the negative impact on the protected areas, they are damaged by the fire, shelling, built trenches and other fortifications, there is a burial of the dead, massive forest cut-down, lack of control.  The environmental consequences of hostilities, such as economic, social and human losses, are catastrophic. Military actions in the east of Ukraine have damaged all the objects of the environment without any exception.

Keywords: ATO zone, military actions, damage, destruction, deterioration of quality, fire, protected areas.


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