Natalia PANKIV.


Tourism – a special kind of activity imposes certain conditions to resource providing customer service process, so that the formation of specific tourist products requires much greater variety of resources in comparison with other kinds of activities. Expanding the range of tourist services requires an intensive search for the creation of high-quality and interesting travel deals. The problem of studying tourism resources engaged and involved many domestic and foreign scholars. The works of N. V. Fomenko, V. Herasymchuk, I. V. Smal (Ukraine), D. Shverson, K. Hall (USA), I.O. Kvartalnyi, V. Yu. Voskresenskyi (Russia) and others representatives of international research groups are devoted to this issue. They all are studying the category of tourism resources, using different approaches. Most of them are based on the use of sequences from narrow to broad-based approach, where the role of secondary or ancillary tourism resources is noticeable. The modern practice of using the area tourism potential enables allocation of ideological and thematic tourism resources category, which should be considered as part of anthropogenic tourist resources.

Key words: travel resources, classification approaches, tourist area, ideological and thematic resources


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