The natural geographical factors of rural green tourism in Poland are analised. The geographical location (proximity to the sea, mountain and forest areas, the nature of the coastline), topography (the presence of mountain and lowland landscapes, karst formations), climate (temperature, the presence of precipitation), water (the presence of rivers, lakes, mineral springs), orographic, biotic (the diversity and uniqueness of the flora), forests resources, the natural resources reserve fund (the presence of national parks, regional landscape parks, reserves) for the purposes of Poland rural tourism development are studied. The impact of natural and geographical conditions and factors that potentially and actually influence the formation of the tourism product of rural green tourism in Poland is found. Among the natural and geographical factors, due to which Poland has established itself among the other European countries as attractive for the development of rural tourism are the followings: the variety of mountain landscapes typical for the Carpathians; the presence of a large number of mineral springs with unique healing properties; the unique flora; the wonderful world of fauna unique to the Carpathians; the favorable climate with mild snowy winters and moderately humid not hot summers and warm dry autumns; the multiple mountain rivers and streams. It is noted that Poland is unevenly endowed with natural resources for the development of rural tourism.

Keywords: rural green tourism, natural and geographical factors, topography, climate, geographical location, water, orographic, biotic, forest resources, nature reserve fund.


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