The current state and historical aspects of Medical and Health Tourism in the Transcarpathian region has been analyzed in this article. The factors influencing the historical development of the sanatorium and spa network and its geographic location have been distinguished. The investigation of the issues related to the Medical and Health Tourism operation in the Transcarpathian region with its significant reserves of natural medicinal resources is obvious. So it is necessary to study the trends in the Spa Industry for obtaining the progress and economic growth in it and increasing the employment of local people as well. The historical and geographical analysis of the Medical and Health Tourism on the territory of Transcarpathia in the XIX-XX centuries has been done. The factors that contributed and hampered the growth of sanatorium and resort business have been defined. The dynamics of the spa facilities number and the amount of recovered persons in 2000-2013 (the period of 13 years) has been analyzed.The analysis of statistical data confirms the reduction in the number of tourists, especially in 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2012 respectively. It coincides  with the exacerbation of the economic crisis and the reducing of the consumer’s purchasing power. The reasons of suspension of the certain medical and recreational facilities have been defined. The prospects for future development have been worked out, including: 1) increasing the number of the recovery of foreign citizens through the signing of cooperation agreements within the cross-border regions; 2) improving the quality of the basic and additional services at the health resort and spa institutions; 3) implementation of the effective management and so on. The author has explained the necessity of the diagnostics that determines such factors as trends of the tourist flows; staff; income; profitability; cost recovery and occupancy of beds at the health resort and spa institutions.

Keywords: health resorts  and recreational facilities,  recreants, recreational services.


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