The article presents the analysis results of the tourism development potential of administrative-territorial units on the regional level of management in Ternopil region in comparison with the current level of tourism development of these units. Analysis of the status and prospects of tourism development provides an opportunity to build a qualitative model of its development, where the main thing is the accounting of important constituent elements. These elements include geographical location, ecological situation, cultural and historical heritage. The paper deals with the following main tasks: a) to consider the features of the geographical location and its impact on the formation of tourism product; B) to open the possibility of using the ecological status of the territory and its cultural-historical heritage; c) to analyze of the concepts and programs of tourism development in the region. Thus, tourism includes a set of material information, organizational, and other prerequisites that provide the tourist with conditions that allow you to satisfy the interest and form the goals that have led him to this type of recreation. Tourism is a complex phenomenon, which depends on many socio-economic, legal, natural and climatic factors and it is regulated with their use. The parameters above do not have a clear established tendency to decrease or to increase. Consequently, the impact of tourism on the economics of the region is unclearly defined. In the total number during a certain period of goods and services consumed, it is impossible to separate the proportion that is consumed by tourists, is provided only through tourism activity, and depends on the tourist expenses of the tourist. The problems of tourism industry formation in the region have been considered. The basic indicators of tourism activity have been revealed. The basic conceptual approaches to strategy formation of the tourism industry effective development in Ternopil region have been revealed. The nature of the conceptual approaches evolution to the development of tourism in the region has been analyzed. The concept model of the development of Ternopil region as a tourism region has been proposed. Ternopil Regional Council adopted «The Strategy for the development of the region for the period up to 2015», in June 2008. It is of great importance for the tourism industry. It includes three components that define Ternopil region as a region: a competitive economy, a clean natural environment, a highly developed culture and recreation, with a high level of development of human resources and productive employment of the population. In 2017, a new program for tourism development in the region was adopted.

Keywords: tourism resources, Ternopil region, indicators of tourism activity, effective development strategies of the tourist industry.


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