The article is devoted to the research of one of branches of priority development in our country – agriculture. It has undergone significant changes in the last decades of XX century – at the beginning of XXI century, which is connected with the transition of Ukrainian society to market principles of economic management. However, regional differences in transformational processes in agricultural production, which are the basis for determining the most effective policy in agriculture, are still underresearched and require research. This scientific research deals with contemporary aspects of agricultural development in Ternopil Region – as one of classical agricultural and industrial regions of Ukraine. The objectives of research are to study changes in the agriculture of Ternopil Region in order to determine the priority ways of socio-economic development of the region. The article analyzes the number of active agricultural enterprises in districts of the region, the structure of plant growing and livestock breeding in the region, it indicates on structural and qualitative changes that have taken place in recent years. A significant number of farms remains in the region, which, however, can not function effectively in the modern period and are uncompetitive. Particular attention is paid to the structure of agricultural lands in the region and transformations that took place in the 1990s. The research shows main changes that have taken place in agriculture of the region as a whole, as well as the ways of perspective development for each branch of agriculture of the region and Ukraine. Consequently, in order to develop agriculture successfully, it is necessary to turn to innovative technology in the field of plant growing, for the development of livestock breeding it is necessary to provide the necessary conditions for households and farms.

Key words: agriculture, plant growing, livestock breeding, region, transformation processes.


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