The modern trends of political and territorial organization of tourism in Ukraine are considered. The need to investigate this subject in the context of the revolutionary events that took place during the year in the country. Scientific approaches to the definition of political tourism and its contents are considered. The history of political travels and shares from the time when Ukraine became independent are analyzed. The causes, results and territorial spread of Orange Revolution in 2004 are characterized. The political and geographical characteristics of mass protests during in the 2001-2013 years are provided. Special attention is paid to the events of Euromaidan (2013-2014). The chronology of events during these protests is described. The causes and characteristics of a revolutionary situation in November and December 2013 are analyzed. The number and geographic composition of members of the mass protests are characterized. According to sociological researches, the characteristics of age, gender and social composition of the protesters, the region of a domicile are provided. Middle-aged men who came from Western and Central Ukraine or Kyiv were dominated participants of Euromaidan. An Original mapping model that reflects the regional distribution of the number of protesters’ and policemen’s deaths during the events are created. The biggest number of protesters who died during this events was from Lviv and Kyiv regions. The direction of international and national political tourism during the events in the eastern regions of Ukraine in the spring 2014 is analyzed. The basic movements and composition of political tourists during the antiterrorist operation in Donbas region beginning from April 2014 are described. Prognostic assessments of future trends of international and national political tourism in Ukraine are provided.

Key words: Euromaidan, mass protest, political tourism, tourist, Ukraine.


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