A socio-geographical analysis of the religious space of the Ternopil region has been carried out on the basis of statistical data. This region is distinguished from other regions of Ukraine by its monoethnicity and a combination of two historical and geographical regions – Halychyna and Volyn, which undoubtedly influenced the formation of the religious space. The confessional space in Halychyna is dominated by the Catholic subspace represented by two denominations: the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church, while in Volyn the Orthodox subspace is represented by three traditional Orthodox branches – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate and the Ukrainian autocephalous Orthodox Church. The territorial features of the religious space have been traced and a comparative-geographical analysis has been carried out in various administrative-territorial regions and historical and geographical regions, and a corresponding map scheme has been drawn up. The article also presents the structure of the religious space, to which we refer to the confessional space, atheists, agnostics and akirkhs. Important attention is paid to the analysis of the indicators of availability of religious communities to the population, namely the number of religious communities per 1000 people and the size of the population belonging to one religious community. The article also calculates the coefficient of religious mosaic that allowed typification of administrative-territorial units by the degree of polyconfessionality. In the course of the conducted research, typification of the districts of Ternopil region was carried out according to the religious activity of the population, which is traced through the degree of polyconfessionality and the availability of religious communities to the population. There have been distinguished 4 groups of districts.

Keywords: religious space, religious activity of the population, monoethnic region, Halychyna, Volyn, index of religious mosaic, confessional space, Orthodox subspace, Catholic subspace, Protestant subspace, Jewish subspace, pagan subspace.


  1. Materialy Upravlinnya z pytan’ vnutrishn’oyi polityky, relihiy ta natsional’nostey Ternopil’s’koyi oblasnoyi derzhavnoyi administratsiyi

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