Irina YERKO.


The article summarized and supplemented by indicators of health resort areas of Volyn region, which determine the development of the tourism sector in the region. Established that health resort area area – an important component of the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of all people. Its territory combines rich natural resources: the climate, forests, diverse natural mineral water, mud. Known in and outside the sanatorium mother and child “Snowdrop” Kivertsi region, “Turia” Kovel, sanatorium “Forest Song” pension “Shatsky Lakes” that operate in the area Shatsky. As for the placement of Volyn medical and health institutions, we can distinguish certain features that most institutions tends to water and forests, focused on natural and recreational resources. These features affect the uneven distribution of recreational facilities in the Volyn region: most of them operating in Shatsky, Kovel, Kivertsivskiy, Lutsk areas where tourism development is the foundation of lakes, rivers and forests. In Stone Kashyrskiy, Ratnivskyj Lokachi, Volo-areas of leisure facilities there. Characterized the activities of major institutions sanatorium sphere of the region, its area, the average number of staff, Financial Performance, dynamics fact of bed-days, the amount recovered. Investigated the number of foreign nationals who used the Volyn resorts. A number of measures to improve the facilities of sanatorium areas in the Volyn region, namely: to adjust the financial and economic activities; increase public support; improve regulatory legal support; pursue an active investment policy and financing; restore logistics facilities; provide regular training of personnel.

Key words: sanatorium-resort sphere, sanatorium, preventive sanatorium-clinic.


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