Ecological problems are especially actual for Ukraine and their decision will depend on realization of careful attitude toward nature, rational using of its resources, and abilities of population to correspond ecological knowledge at the choice of decisions in the process of the labour activity. School age is favourable time, when it is possible to instil to the man love to nature and desire to save its resources, form the correct and conscious model of behavior ecologically. The regional ecological project “Your native land” was founded due to ideas and efforts of Professor Lubomyr Tsaryk, the manager of department of geoecology and methodology of teaching of ecology of the Ternopil Volodymyr Gnatuk National Pedagogical University (TNPU) in 2000 with the aim of development of ecological culture of schoolchildren and for encouragement of young people to creative researches in nature. The basic task of this publication is to show efficiency of using of competitive projects for the achievement of aims of ecological education; to describe the stages of forming of the project “Your native land”, to analyze the experience of the organizers of the project from distribution of ideas of sustainable development and environmental protection. The monitoring analysis of network of educational general establishments was conducted at the first stage of the project’s realization. The teachers of the geoecology department with participation of Management of education and science of Ternopil region educed base schools of ecological education for each of the administrative districts. The information of competition-project was also sent in the general schools due to efforts the students of geographical faculty TNPU. That gave an opportunity of operative connection between the organizational committee and the participants of the project, walking around intermediate administrative agencies. The results of the first competitions showed small amount of the participants, that testified to the not high level of extracurricular work of ecological aspiration in general schools. Some later  information about the project spread more active, that assisted to bringing in the project of all new participants with interesting research works. The increase of interest in the project resulted in the increase of amount of participants and expansion of subjects of researches. Since 2008 the project “Your native land” is realized as a mandatory of educational preparation of the schoolchilren. The final conference is annually conducted on results of investigations. First the competition is conducted between the schools within the limits of the districts that delegate the best works on the final stage of the regional level. It is important that the researches and actions of the participants of the project are accompanied with agitation among the local population, that promotes the distribution of nature protection ideas. The functioning of the project “Your native land” allowed to activate scientifically-research work of schoolchildren and educational collectives. Many participants of the project elect specialities “Ecology”, “Geography”, “Biology” and “Chemistry” in the Ternopil Volodymyr Gnatuk National Pedagogical University and other educational establishments that proves the efficiency of this project competition in distribution of ecological ideas. All of them are successful students and some of them are winners of the National ecological competitions, some of them have got scientific degrees and continue the nature protection activity.

As a result of 17-years-old activity of the project is:

  • the new natural objects are protected;
  • some of the local ecological problems are decided;
  • the ecological situation of the territories is evaluated;
  • a lot of ecological paths are created and described.

It gives an opportunity to the schoolchildren to realize personal importance in the decision of environmental problems, stimulates them to creation of own way of life in harmonies with nature, develops ability to choose the rational variant of behavior in nature.

Keywords: project ecological and regional, research work, nature protection action, ecological consciousness, ecological education.


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