In this article it has been found out problems and prospects of the complex development of the economic potential of the Carpathian region. It has been discovered that the peculiarity of the economic potential of the region is interdependence and interrelationship of components in its local potentials. Synergetic effect, which appears along with it, stipulates the mutual enhancement of local potentials and development of the economic potential of the region in general. The author has established that the substantial characteristics of the economic potential as a potential of a system object, apart from entirety, are: complexity, caused by variety of potential elements and their interaction between each other, what means the number of ways of systematic presenting of the region potential has no limits; structure, characterizing the internal order and certain hierarchy of potential elements; proportionality, which suggests potential elements to stay in the system in certain correlation and proportionality; openness, which means that potential subdue to the influence of environmental factors. It has been suggested the characteristics of the economic potential of the region as an economic system. It has been formed the following formation and functioning principles of the economic potential of the region: the principle of usefulness, that is the formation of region potential is caused by requirements for producing socially necessary production by enterprises in the region in accordance with market needs on condition that highly effective production of competitive goods is provided; the principle of balanced system, that is the economic potential of the region as a complex socio-economic system combines structural aggregate of resources, w most effective usage of its all available and potential opportunities in order to hich provide profitability of system functioning; the principle of accordance to strategic objectives, that is functioning of the region potential is aimed at providing the maintain stable economic development; the principle of effective usage, that is the economic potential as an operational system is an open managed system, which guarantees the maximizing effect of the system “input” and “output”. It has been revealed the main problems of economic potential formation of the Carpathian region, among which there are: huge deficit of its own sources for forming the resources in the region, which is evoked, first of all, by low production effectiveness and radical drop of indexes in the real sector of economy because of economic crisis; deformation in the real sector between spheres of economic activity (mostly, specialization of the country on heavy industries) and in the inter-industrial price ratio; absence of expanded reproduction of the fixed capital, lacking share of its net accumulation; insufficient attractiveness of the country for foreign investors as a result of changing economic policy and absence of stable priorities in performing regional investment policy; allocation of budget financial resources and resources from foreign sources in every region regardless their uneven and disproportionate socio-economic development; insufficiently developed capital market; imperfect mechanism of long-term loans for enterprises in the region; and others. It has been suggested the techniques of carrying out the expertise of the current condition in the Carpathian region and its strategic planning.

Keywords: economic potential, Karpatskyy region, Sustainability development, strategic planning.


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