Hanna CHERNYUK, Lyubomir TSARYK, Petro TSARYK.


Within the boundaries of the regional landscape park “Zagrebellya” landscape photography held territory. The basic four types of landscape areas within the transverse profile of the river valley marked nine types of natural complexes and filed their response within key areas. Feature NTK filed by the description of individual study points. The state of natural complexes of the park, which testify about the constant changes leading components and morphological structure of facies, which are under anthropogenic modifications. The net anthropogenic interference may lead to the extinction of some species of flora and fauna, as well as anthropogenic modification of the landscape and at the level of facies tracts, leading to a deterioration of the general state of RLP. It is proposed to hold the functional zoning of SFM, as well as special forestry measures to streamline and purification plants, organizing orderly network of paths and nature trails, recreation areas with specially equipped places for campfires. Restoring native landscape area due to the re-naturalization process landscapes, restoration of the forest. meadow and wetland vegetation, establishing differential treatment of natural resources within the limits of functional areas, rationing recreational loads on PTC.

Keywords: RLP “Zagrebellya”, NTK, landscaped areas, the anthropogenic modification, optimization activities.


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