Elena Ganchuk, Irina Varfolomeeva.


The importance of tourist activity for countryside is studied. Based on tourist sites which are located in Sofiyivka, six tourist routes for potential excursions are presented. The suggested routes can be used as holiday routes (routes) additionally to townspeople’s visit to countryside (routes) as well as educational tours for pupils from local schools (routes I, II, III). The tours can last for 1-2 days (short-term, at weekends). Picnics (also topical) can become a feature. The tourist-excursion routes are designed for different age groups (including family, group or individual excursions). The prospects of encouragement of investment are proved that will offer opportunities to create new jobs and develop the infrastructure. The territory potential for rural tourism development through designing tourist-excursion routes is estimated. Basic issues with rural tourism development are defined as well as factors that will attract tourists to rural settlements including Sofiyivka. Negative current issues in Sofiyivka include: -underdeveloped infrastructure; -no participatory events; -politically-economic instability; -deficient souvenir goods with the area symbols. Main aspects that will attract tourists include: history, art, nature, architecture, forests, rivers. Sofiyivsky area offers all the opportunities for rural tourism development due to many natural and historical-cultural sites. Strategic development of the settlement is contingent upon the dialogue with each inhabitant and collaboration among three society sectors: authorities, business society and civil society.

Key words: rural tourism, tourist activity, tourist-excursion sites, historical-cultural sites, tourist-excursion routes.


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