The article is devoted to the study of forests and forest resources Radyvyliv district of Rivne region. The authors studied geospatial patterns of distribution of forest area and their practical identity. Also, analyzed a significant amount of source material and built the map chart – distribution of forest cover, species composition and age structure of forests, woodlands accommodation. Analyzed data on the forest management, completeness and thiness stands. It was found that the natural conditions of the area are favorable for the development of forest biomes. Radyvyliv average forest cover area is 16,7%. Their highest values (50%) are typical for the central-western area between the lines with. Nemyrivka village – Sytnee village the southeast and Hawtin country in the north. Forest tracts study area combined into two forestry companies: Radyvyliv forestry and Radyvyliv state specialized forestry and distributed extremely evenly. Authors revealed that more than half the forest area accounts for planted forests. In species composition dominant role belongs to the pine, which covers 79% of woodlands land. Among the hardwood leading role oak, which grows at 9,4% of forest areas. Also, the article states the gradual decline in the share of softwood and hardwood increase. The main reason for this – the natural regeneration of low-grade hardwood of softwood cuttings in place. In the age structure of forests dominated by middle-aged (53,8%) stands. In the forests of the district carried all kinds of cuts, including cutting main use. During the year in the district harvested over 30 thousand cubic meters of liquid wood. Cuttings carried out on more than 900 hectares. While almost half of the liquid timber harvested on the area of about 50 hectares, where the felling of main use.

Key words: forest, growth class, forestry, woodiness, forest stand, forest tract, forest species composition, age structure of forests, forest streamlining.


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