The characteristic feature of rendzinas is its existence on the land surface and in the profile of residual carbonate inclusions in the form of different size debris and of the output soil-forming rock, amorphous coarse products of eluviogenesis in the form of powdery carbonate dusting, and also new formations of the fine carbonate material, which is not morphologically defined in fractional soil. The article justifies the efficiency of morphological research parameters and carbonate values to establish the character and growth direction in the process of de-carbonation and differentiation peculiarities of carbonate rendzina profile on various stages of ontogenesis. The Western Region of Ukraine (area under study) in the administrative perspective includes eight regions: Lviv region, Ivano-Frankivs’k region, Ternopil’ region, Volyn’ region, Rivne region, Khmelnyts’k region, Chernivtsi region and Transcarpathian region. According to physical and geographical zoning of Ukraine it is located within two countries: Eastern European plain and Ukrainian Carpathians. The research comprises the mixed forests zone of Polissya, where two regions of Volyn’ and Maly Polissya are differentiated, and also the zone of broadleaf forests of the Western Ukraine, which is divided into five regions: Volyn’, Western-Podil’s’k, Central Podil’s’k, Prut-Dnistrovs’k heights and Rostots’k-Opils’k region (Roztochia and Opilya). During 2003-2013 eleven modal lots were laid, which represent the chronological rows of rendzinas that correspond to the stages of ontogenesis throughout different space and time and are formed on the products of eluviogenesis of various carbonate rocks. Every modal lot is represented by ten supporting soil profiles. The analysis of the given macro-morphological and laboratory-analytical research indicates specific peculiarities of carbonate profile rendzinas differentiation on various stages of ontogenesis. It is discovered that carbonate profile rendzinas formation during the perfect and permanent stages of their ontogenesis is characterized by process domination of carbonates dissolution and leaching, that is – rendzinas de-carbonation.

Key words: inclusion of residual carbonates, amorphous coarse products of eluviogenesis, fine new formations of carbonate material, processes of de-carbonation, carbonate profile differentiation, stages of ontogenesis.


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