Andrii ZUBYK.


Social and geographical research of Ukrainian diaspora is an urgent task for modern Ukrainian geography. Ukrainian diaspora in the Russian Federation is the largest in the world. Both countries are united not only borders, but common history. Part of the Ukrainians in Russia Federation became diaspora as result of the processes delimitation state borders in the twentieth century. Ukrainian diaspora in the country is the third largest ethnic group after the Russians and Tatars. During the period between censuses of population 2002-2010 in country “disappeared” more than 1 million Ukrainians. Despite the natural reduction number of Ukrainians the main reason for downsizing is assimilation. An important factor that affects the Ukrainian diaspora in the country, there is an internal policy on ethnic minorities. The article discusses and analyzes the reasons for reducing the number of Ukrainian diaspora in Russian Federation in terms of administrative units of middle range. Highlighted administrative units where number of Ukrainians decreased the most and least. The information basis of the study based on the results of census 2002 and 2010 years, data on the number of Ukrainians and obtained through the study of ethno-cultural criteria of census such as “nationality” and “native language”. The study found that population dynamics, assimilation processes, proximity to Ukraine, the presence of Ukrainian labor migration and ethnic specifics of the region where live a Ukrainian diaspora affecting to number of Ukrainians. Ukrainian diaspora are urbanized, which speeds up the process of ethnic assimilation and integration of Ukrainians in the title ethnos. As a result of census maps had drawn maps of settlement Ukrainian diaspora in Russia in terms of administrative units of middle and lower level. Particular attention is paid to mapping settlement Ukrainians on Ukrainian ethnic territories in Russian Federation. The next census in the Russian Federation may show a significant decrease in the number of Ukrainian diaspora. Ukrainians living in the country because of the political situation during the census will point no Ukrainian nationality. It may be a tougher policy towards ethnic Ukrainian, which will be implemented in the complications of working conditions for Ukrainian labor migrants limit of Ukrainian companies and organizations. In the Far Eastern and Siberian federal districts can reduce the share of Ukrainian through a significant distance from the Ukraine, assimilation processes that lead to the loss of national identity. Implementation of the European vector can cause weakening due to the historical homeland of the Ukrainian diaspora in Russia. Ukrainian general store in the country’s own ethnic identity and resist assimilation processes. After Ukraine-Russian mixed marriages, the presence of migrant workers who work in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation, the exchange of information and material resources. Incomplete organizational formation of communities, high dispersion, weak financial and economic conditions, internal confusion, disunity Ukrainian Diaspora, lack of Ukrainian state policy aimed at preserving the national identity of Ukrainian in the Russian Federation as a basis for joint Ukraine and Ukrainians post-Soviet strategic plans in the future makes it difficult if not impossible to develop Ukrainian diaspora in Russia.

Key words: Ukrainian diaspora, assimilation, ethnic minority, ethogeographical and ethnolinguistic processes.


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